Chord Crush: The Ultimate Ear-Training Solution for Music Producers

In the world of music production, one skill can truly elevate your craft: ear training.

Developing a keen musical ear enhances your ability to create harmonically rich compositions and allows you to communicate and collaborate more effectively with fellow musicians.

Today, we’re excited to introduce you to Chord Crush, an innovative ear-training app that will revolutionize how you approach chord recognition and strengthen your musical intuition. We’ll provide four tips for getting the most out of your ear training experience.

What is Chord Crush?

Chord Crush is an interactive ear-training app that teaches you to recognize chords while you solve musical puzzles. You’ll embark on a journey of chord recognition mastery, starting from the basics and progressively advancing to more complex puzzles. The app goes beyond traditional ear training methods by incorporating audio from real music, allowing you to practice identifying chords in the context of your favorite songs.

One of the key advantages of Chord Crush is its accessibility. Whether you’re on your desktop or using a mobile device, the app works instantly in your browser, giving you the freedom to train anytime, anywhere.

This overview only scratches the surface of what Chord Crush has to offer. As you read on, we’ll explore the different training modes in more detail and discuss how each mode can benefit your ear training journey. So, keep reading to delve deeper into the world of Chord Crush and learn how you can elevate your musical ear.

Tip 1: Train with Guided Lessons

If you’re new to ear training, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. That’s why Chord Crush offers a guided mode to ease you into the process and teach you the basics.

Chord Crush ear training app in "Level Up!" mode over a pastel gradient

With the “Level Up!” mode, Chord Crush takes you on a journey of chord recognition mastery. Starting from the basics, you’ll learn to recognize the most common chords in music through a series of progressively challenging exercises.

These guided lessons are the foundation of your ear training journey, providing you with the knowledge and skills to confidently identify chords in any musical context.

Tip 2: Practice Listening to Music and Identifying Chords in Context

As a music producer, honing your ability to recognize chords within the context of real music is a crucial skill. Chord Crush allows you to do just that.

“Train” mode goes beyond traditional ear training methods by incorporating real songs into your practice routine. Here, you’ll be able to challenge your ear on chord progressions from popular songs tailored to your skill level.

Chord Crush ear training app on a phone, in "Train" mode

This immersive experience allows you to train your ear to identify chords in the context of real music, helping you develop a deep understanding of chord progressions and their musical impact.

Tip 3: Practice Regularly (and Make Sure it’s Fun)

Like any skill, consistent practice is key to improving your ear training. What better way to keep consistent than through fun, challenging puzzles that you’ll keep coming back to?

In “Rush” mode, you’ll test your chord recognition skills against the clock. Race against time to solve as many chord progression puzzles as possible within 3 or 5 minutes.

Chord Crush ear training app in "Rush" mode over a pastel gradient

Feeling up for a challenge without the time pressure? Try the “Survive” mode, where you’ll face increasingly difficult puzzles with no time limit — but be careful. Three strikes, and you’re out!

Tip 4: Customize Your Training

Everyone’s ear training needs are different, and that’s why Chord Crush offers a customizable mode.

With the “Customize” mode, you can create training sets that focus on particular chords or chord categories. Whether you want to refine your knowledge of complex jazz chords or master the intricacies of minor progressions, Chord Crush allows you to tailor your training sessions to your specific needs.

Chord Crush ear training app in "Customize" mode over a pastel gradient

This flexibility allows you to continuously challenge yourself while also dedicating extra attention to areas that need further improvement.


Ear training is a transformative journey that opens doors to new musical possibilities. With its comprehensive exercises and interactive features, Chord Crush empowers you to take your ear training to the next level.

Incorporating this app into your daily routine will strengthen your musical intuition, improve your chord recognition skills, and elevate your music production game. We hope this post has encouraged you to embrace the power of ear training with Chord Crush and unlock your full musical potential!


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