How Dev Lemons Got Her Start

Dev Lemons in her home studio

Dev Lemons is taking the music world by storm. She’s captivated over 1 million followers across TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube since 2020 with snappy, insightful videos that pair music theory insights with trending songs. And she’s earned a spot among the most promising young artists, releasing her own singles, EPs, and music videos.

We sat down with Dev to discuss her journey and how she’s used Hooktheory along the way.

Here are some highlights from our conversation that you can use to help shape your musical journey.

Dev Lemons Is Guided by a True Love for Music

Dev fell in love with music at a young age, though she didn’t have a formal music education. She first started experimenting with songwriting and producing in high school, although at that point, she wasn’t publishing the music for the world to hear.

During her years as a film student, Dev saw many of her peers turn their talents toward music and other creative pursuits. With the pandemic shifting her college life in a new way, Dev began to seriously pursue music back home.

Dev Lemons Turned a Pandemic Hobby Into a Career

During the pandemic, lots of people picked up new hobbies — baking sourdough, starting a garden, running.

Dev set her sights on learning music theory… not a small task!

She dove into resources online like YouTube lessons and our TheoryTab database. She was determined to truly understand how great music was made, so she could confidently do the same.

In the process, Dev became inspired to start SongPsych and produce educational music theory content of her own. Her goal was to create videos that were accessible and approachable — after all, not all of the music theory content online is super easy to dive into.

We love sharing this vision with Dev!

Dev Lemons’ Growth Mindset Is Key to Success

Dev’s passion for learning, teaching, and creating music is evident. She transformed a love for music into a career across multiple fronts and utilized her own experience learning music theory to pass it forward and teach others.

All that it takes is determination and a willingness to keep going, no matter the obstacles in the way. Her journey to finding her way back to her earliest passions will leave you feeling truly inspired.


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