How Bryant Wrote 100 Songs in 100 Days

Bryant Powell in his home studio

Bryant Powell is a topliner based out of Phoenix, Arizona, who has been creatively utilizing Hooktheory for years. We had a great conversation with him, discussing his creative process and passion for accessibility in music production.

Here are some of our favorite takeaways from our conversation.

A Topliner’s Career Revolves Around Creative Output

Bryant’s job as a topliner means he sings on EDM tracks for artists worldwide. It’s a fascinating niche because there are far more producers than singers in the space.

Yet, being a topliner comes with the unique challenge of building a solid catalog of song options. After all, the more options you have, the more likely you are to sign with a producer. According to Bryant, quickly accessing inspiration and getting ideas down before they’re lost is a major contributor to finding success as a topliner.

Hooktheory Makes Songwriting at Scale Possible

For creatives like Bryant, who need large volumes of musical output, it’s essential to find tools that support the creative process. In Bryant’s case, Hookpad has become the ultimate tool to lean on.

Hookpad allows creatives to:

  • Capture fleeting musical concepts
  • Generate new ideas instantly
  • Easily access inspiration
  • Quickly iterate on chord progressions and melodies (without the obtrusive complexities of a DAW)

Bryant emphasizes that without opening his DAW or getting any instruments out, he can always channel his creativity through Hookpad. His ability to be creative and efficient helps distinguish him within his industry and ensures he can continue creating great music at scale.

Creativity Is a Muscle That You Can Train

Bryant shares that in the depths of quarantine, he set himself a 100-day songwriting challenge.

His goals with the 100-day songwriting were to learn more about his instrument as a vocalist and improve his skills using the DAW as a storytelling mechanism.

Most days during the challenge, Bryant utilized Hookpad. His process of kick-starting a song in Hookpad included picking a random key and BPM and trying out ideas within the browser.

Once he was happy with the song’s foundation, he would export his composition to MIDI and start fine-tuning in Logic. We were inspired by Bryant’s creativity and seamless process using Hookpad and his DAW.

Creativity Is a Muscle That You Can Train

Bryant is truly passionate about teaching producers how to find accessible tools. It shows in his work online, building community with producers and songwriters, and sharing details about his growth as an artist.

He shares that Hookpad is an accessible tool with use cases for producers of all levels. For as little as $4.99/month, you can:

  • Quickly write chord progressions
  • Create melodies that complement your chords with built-in music theory
  • Enter smart chord palettes, chord suggestions, and chord progressions with one click
  • Work with dozens of professionally tuned bands, instruments, and rhythms
  • Create scores, lead sheets, and guitar tabs with a single click
  • Export to MIDI to import into every major DAW

Unlock Your Creativity With Hooktheory

Bryant has put in the work to find new ways to unlock creativity.

We’re thrilled that Hooktheory has played an essential role in Bryant’s journey. His story highlights how far you can go with discipline, a knack for innovation, and a drive to create great music.

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