Crafting a Sonic Universe: Keith’s Hooktheory Journey

Today, we’re excited to share the inspiring story of Keith Hayden, a talented digital creator who has embarked on a new creative journey as a composer.

Intending to create music for his science fiction podcast, Keith dove into the world of music, crafting unique sonic landscapes to accompany his written stories.

Join us as we explore Keith’s story and the powerful impact of music theory — and Hooktheory’s resources — on his creative process.

A New Adventure in Music

Keith is a multi-talented artist. His journey into music creation began first with creative writing. As a successful sci-fi author, he had already honed his skills in storytelling and world-building.

When it was time to add music to his podcast based on the book, Keith realized that he needed to hone a new set of skills to bring his story to life in a new medium. While many people may turn to licensed music, Keith chose a less conventional path: creating songs and soundscapes of his own.

He soon immersed himself in music theory, composition, and production.

Discovering Hooktheory and Embracing Music Theory

With a determination to learn music theory and master the art of composition, Keith embarked on a self-guided educational journey.

Through an online course, he began studying the complexities of music theory and learning how to play the piano. During this time, he stumbled upon Hookpad and our music theory books, which quickly resonated with him.

I liked the visual format. I liked how it was real-world examples, and that was the first time I saw that really a song at its heart is just notes and chords … Hooktheory was really the first time that it clicked.

Keith Hayden

Unleashing the Power of Hookpad

Hookpad quickly became an essential part of Keith’s musical toolkit. Its user-friendly interface allowed him to swiftly capture his song ideas and experiment with different instrument patterns.

Hookpad’s integration with popular digital audio workstations (DAWs) like Ableton allowed him to seamlessly transition from musical ideas to fully realized tracks.

Keith appreciated Hookpad’s ability to free him from getting bogged down in the complexities of music theory. This allowed him to focus on translating his creative vision into captivating sounds.

A Transformative Journey with Hooktheory

Within two years, Keith has composed and produced over 50 songs. His transformation from a sci-fi author to a composer is a testament to the power of music theory, hard work, and determination.

Embark on your creative odyssey with Hooktheory, and experience the thrill of bringing your musical ideas to life, just like Keith did. New creative avenues await!