Tabs that show the theory behind songs.

Conventional tabs and sheet music are great for showing you how to play a song, but they’re not ideal for understanding how everything fits together. Theorytabs show you the function of each chord and note within the song and reveal structure that isn’t readily apparent.

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Theorytab of The Day

Catching My Breath by Kelly Clarkson

Sections: Chorus.
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emod [Chorus rev 1] Db/Ab Also the original is 175BPM and A minor but the youtube video is sped up and the analysis is made to fit the youtube video
about an hour ago on Enjoy by Re-Con
aylictal [Instrumental rev 1] altered 3rd to last chord from fmaj7sus2 to g7/f. also altered c#dimflat5 to c#m6. i'm not sure what the final g7/f chord really should [ ... ]
5 hours ago on Mario Brothers Water Theme by Koji Kondo
BrandonStumpf [Verse rev 1] Changed key to E-flat major.
12 hours ago on Surfin' USA by The Beach Boys
BrandonStumpf [Verse rev 4] Changed the b minor chord to B major.
12 hours ago on "Before He Cheats" by Carrie Underwood
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