Tabs that show the theory behind songs.

Conventional tabs and sheet music are great for showing you how to play a song, but they’re not ideal for understanding how everything fits together. Theorytabs show you the function of each chord and note within the song and reveal structure that isn’t readily apparent.

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Theorytab of The Day

Payphone by Maroon 5

Sections: Verse and Pre-Chorus, Chorus.
Contributors: MilkMan and stolinger. Learn how to contribute.

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aylictal [Instrumental rev 1] cleaned up some of the pointless rests I had going on.
3 hours ago on James Bond Theme by Monty Norman
aylictal [Intro rev 3] recorrected melody. the melody was correct, the extra notes you are hearing is probably the sidechain.
3 hours ago on 404 by Knife Party
Zack30 [Verse rev 6] Someone screwed with the beginning of the melody, I fixed it.
5 hours ago on Clarity by Zedd
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