Tabs that show the theory behind songs.

Conventional tabs and sheet music are great for showing you how to play a song, but they’re not ideal for understanding how everything fits together. Theorytabs show you the function of each chord and note within the song and reveal structure that isn’t readily apparent.

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LimeGreenTeknii Plus [Verse rev 1] Changed YouTube Sync, adjusted a couple chords' timings.
54 minutes ago on Splatfest Battle - Ink Me Up by Toru Minegishi
LimeGreenTeknii Plus Vidyaharmonics, You shouldn't submit the whole song at once. You need to divide it into sections, using the section titles that are given [ ... ]
5 hours ago on Remix 10 by Rhythm Heaven Fever
vidyaharmonics working on the entire song, but I'm relatively new to Hooktheory, and didn't know how to submit it all at once.
7 hours ago on Remix 10 by Rhythm Heaven Fever
rvaniman [Chorus rev 4] added a# in walking bass line. Changed last 4 measures from VII to v>VII
8 hours ago on Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand
rvaniman [Chorus rev 3] TomNicks, I was about to make that same change on that last edit, but listening a little more closely, I'm pretty sure that he's just [ ... ]
8 hours ago on "Somebody Told Me" by The Killers
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