Tabs that show the theory behind songs.

Conventional tabs and sheet music are great for showing you how to play a song, but they’re not ideal for understanding how everything fits together. Theorytabs show you the function of each chord and note within the song and reveal structure that isn’t readily apparent.

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Theorytab of The Day

Lose Yourself by Eminem

Sections: Intro, Verse and Pre-Chorus.
Contributors: mforssner, Quaeria and tranceffect Plus. Learn how to contribute.

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somename I could use some help lol..
6 hours ago on Vain by Singularity
jtullis Plus [Chorus rev 2] IV/i to IV, fixed a note
12 hours ago on The Electric Dream by Ford Mustang
jtullis Plus D minor is the tonic chord - the tab starts and ends with it and it's the central chord in the progression
12 hours ago on The Electric Dream by Ford Mustang
aylictal [Pre-Chorus rev 3] fixed notes. the applied g# was what was originally throwing me off, in conjunction to the c# major chords.
14 hours ago on Smoke by Au5 and Fractal
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