• Find songs with the same chords.
  • See the next “most likely” chords to follow a progression.
  • Click the colored circles to build a progression and see the songs that use it.
  • The percentages underneath the chords tell you the likelihood of that chord choice being next
  • Use the key selector (top left) to view results in the key of your choice.
  • Start over by clicking the icon that appears after the first chord is selected.
  • Click "more" to reveal chords used less often.

This area will populate with songs containing the chord progression that you build.

  • Click any song from the list to view its TheoryTab.
  • Or click additional chords to modify your progression.
Things to note:
  • When you view a TheoryTab, chords that are not part of the progression will be darkened to draw attention to the chords you've chosen.
  • Maximize your browser to make the TheoryTab larger (this right pane grows as you make your browser wider.)