Hookpad Hookpad is software that simplifies songwriting by helping you choose chords that sound good together and guiding you to write a good melody. It’s a musical sketchpad with music theory “built-in” to make it easier and more intuitive to find the sound you’re looking for. Music Music creation
Music creation and composition
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Hooktheory LLC 1.2.0

Write chords and melody like a boss.

With Hookpad Musical Sketchpad

Hookpad is a chord progression and melody sketchpad with built-in music theory, melody guides, and intelligent chord suggestions to help you write amazing chords and melody. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned musician or producer, Hookpad gives you everything you need in one place to quickly and easily sketch out and explore musical ideas.

Write chord progressions that work.

Picking the right chords for a song can be tough. There are so many to choose from and often only a select few sound good in any given scenario.

Hookpad's chord palette groups the chords that work well together in a particular key. With just a couple clicks, you can build a great chord progression.

Hookpad build a chord progression
Building a chord progression in Hookpad (no audio)

Hookpad helps you write good melody.

Sometimes knowing what notes to use in the melody can be the hardest part. Once you've chosen some chords, Hookpad can help you pick notes for your melody by highlighting the notes that are in the chords you've written. That way you can see immediately which notes will sound more stable (the colored notes, as shown below) and which notes will create a more dissonant sound (the white notes). Use the stable notes as a guide when you are picking notes for the melody. The Hooktheory Book Series covers this topic in great detail.

Hookpad melody stable scale degrees showing

Professionally tuned virtual instruments let you express your music in any style you want.

Want an EDM bass? A metal guitar? A violin section? No problem!

Your chords and melody can be arranged on dozens of instruments in several popular styles so you don’t have to think about it. Simply choose a new instrument or band template and you’re done! Watch the video to hear Hookpad’s sound library in action.

Video demonstrating several of Hookpad’s instruments and band templates.

Get a head start by using a proven chord track or melody from a hit song.

Hookpad includes a searchable library of chords and melody from over 13,000 hit songs from the past and present. In seconds, copy and paste any clip from the library into your project, transposed to the correct key and tempo.

Find inspiration in the work of others, then use it as a starting point for your original creative output. Recontextualize, remix, substitute, or mashup existing work to create something new.

Easily create MIDI chord progressions, MIDI bass lines, MIDI melodies and MIDI drum tracks.

Transform your production workflow by using Hookpad to create MIDI tracks for Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, FL Studio, etc. With intelligent harmony / chord fills, and the ability to independently shift the tonal center of each track, incorporating Hookpad into your workflow will enhance your creativity and productivity as a songwriter or producer.

Drag-and-drop MIDI chord progressions, basslines, melodies, and drum tracks from Hookpad into your DAW. Choose from dozens of rhythm patterns for each instrument class (keys, guitar, bass)

Video demonstrating 3 ways to use Hookpad’s MIDI drag-n-drop feature.

Export MIDI to DAW - Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro, GarageBand, Reason, ...

Export to sheet music, lead sheet or guitar tab.

Hookpad’s simple interface means you can write out a chord progression and a melody in minutes. With instant exporting to sheet music, lead sheet, and guitar tab, Hookpad is one of the fastest way to create a score, lead sheet, or guitar tab for a chord progression and melody. Sample score. Sample guitar tab.

Hookpad to Sheet Music
Export sheet music from Hookpad
Hookpad to Guitar Tab
Export guitar tablature from Hookpad

Just like magic.

Hookpad can help you pick the right chords with Magic Chord. Magic Chord lets you ask Hookpad what it thinks is the best chord to use in a given situation. Hookpad will analyze the chords you’ve already written and then look for examples of songs in the Theory Tab Library that have used chords similarly to get clues as to what chord might work best next. Then it provides suggestions for you to pick from. Find the right chord in any situation!

Hookpad magic chord carousel

The best melody composing tool for generating original MIDI.

As a non-instrument playing, mostly beat oriented, casual user I have to say Hookpad is simply the best melody composing tool I have tried for generating original midi - and that includes about every single iPad App and harmony VST out there. I believe you have nailed it in regards to using the laptop keyboard as input device, it really is a quick way to try multiple ideas fast.Erich Nokling

Hookpad has completely changed my ‘songwriting life’

It is no exaggeration to say Hookpad has completely changed my ‘songwriting life’ - in terms of enabling me to do things I couldn't do before without it, and enabling me to do other things much more easily than I could before.Dan Gruemmer

Easily the best composing tool I've found to date

I've properly grasped more about music composition in a week of using Hooktheory than in 8 years of classical training. Easily the best composing tool I've found to date. Just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work!Tony May, Facebook