Introducing Hookpad Instruments and Mixing

Today we’re introducing exciting new features in our songwriting software, Hookpad: instruments and mixing, improved MIDI export, WAV export, and the ability to save a song to your local drive. Read on to learn more about the features or try them out in Hookpad now.

Hookpad Makes it Easy to Write Chords and a Melody That Sound Great Together.

Hookpad has always simplified songwriting by helping you choose chords that sound good together and guiding you to write a good melody. Now, in addition to helping you create great harmonic and melodic templates, Hookpad lets you customize the instruments that play your music, and customize how your song is exported into a digital audio workstation.

Transform the Sound and Style of Your Songs With Hookpad’s New Instrument Library.

Want an EDM bass? A synth pad? A violin section? They are all just a click away. It’s never been easier to transform the sound and style of your music. You can even adjust details like the range and volume of each instrument. Here are a couple examples of what is possible with Hookpad’s new instrument library.

To use the new mix options, click the “Mix” button in Hookpad. From there you can add or change the instruments that play the melody and chords, choose from preselected mixes, throw down a drumtrack, or change the volume or mute an individual instrument.

Transform Your Production Workflow With Hookpad’s Improved MIDI Export.

Hookpad’s MIDI export now has a track for every instrument in the mix. With intelligent harmony fills and the ability to independently shift the tonal center of each track, MIDI export can significantly enhance your productivity as a songwriter or producer. Hookpad plays nicely with all major digital audio workstations.

Create a WAV File of Your Hookpad Project for Easy Sharing and Distribution.

Hooktheory Plus members can now export Hookpad projects to WAV to immediately have a high quality version to share with friends, play in iTunes, or upload to SoundCloud.

Save/Load To/From Your Hard Drive.

Hooktheory Plus members can now save and load Hookpad projects directly to/from your computer.

Try These New Features! Play With Hookpad.