The Future of Songwriting is Here.

Introducing Aria, your personal AI co-creator for chords and melodies

Meet Your Muse

Aria is your AI songwriting partner, fully integrated inside of Hookpad. Drawing from a vast database of popular music, Aria enhances your compositions with creative ideas that seamlessly fit into your existing music. Click below to hear music generated by Aria based on an input.
music player showing scale

Context-aware Music Generation

Aria uses the surrounding music in your composition to generate suggestions that make sense within the context of your song and your style.

music player showing scale

Melody and Harmony, Perfectly Aligned

Aria can write chords, melody, or both at the same time. It can write chords for your melody, and write melody for your chords.

music player showing scale

Writer's Block, Unblocked

Don't know where to start? Aria can generate ideas from a blank page to spark your creativity.

music player showing scale

Watch Aria in action

Follow along as Dennis uses Aria to help create a song in Hookpad.
Start with a blank project
Let Aria generate some ideas
Fine tune chords and melody
Flesh out with instruments

Tailored to you

With each note and chord, Aria's suggestions become more aligned with your unique style.

Full control

Aria's musical outputs are never canned. Direct every detail for complete creative control.

Export for your DAW

Easily export to MIDI and integrate your creations into your DAW for further refinement.

Use of Aria requires that you agree to the Aria Terms of Service and Data Agreement.

Frequently asked questions

Aria by Hooktheory, is a Generative AI creative assistant that helps you write music by suggesting chords and melody based on the music in your Hookpad project. After selecting a region in Hookpad and clicking the “Generate” button, Aria analyzes the music in your project and offers multiple suggestions in the specified region for chords, melody, or both. Clicking generate with a blank project will give you short musical ideas based only on the project key and tempo.

Aria is powered by a state-of-the-art, open source symbolic music generative model called Anticipatory Music Transformer, which was the brainchild of John Thickstun, David Hall, and Percy Liang of Stanford University and Chris Donahue of Carnegie Mellon University.
When you generate suggestions with Aria, Hookpad relays the chord and melody information directly adjacent to the selected region, along with your project key, tempo, and time signature. All other information in your project including your lyrics, section markers, and bands, remains private.
The sole purpose of sharing your data with us is to improve the model. Your data will ONLY be seen by the small group of researchers that build and maintain this model, and will be used ONLY for the purpose of making Aria better at suggesting music. Generative models like Aria benefit greatly by having user feedback to let it know whether it is making helpful suggestions.

Chord and melody information sent to Aria is converted into a list of numbers that represents a “fingerprint” of the request. We will log ONLY this fingerprint, the fingerprints of the suggestions that Aria generates, and a token indicating which of the generated options you ultimately accept for your project.
Aria is currently in beta, which means we are still fine-tuning its features and capabilities to provide you with the best possible songwriting assistant. During this beta period, Aria is available for Hookpad owners (monthly, yearly, or lifetime) completely free of charge.

Once Aria moves out of beta, it will be available as a paid add-on to Hookpad. There will also be a free version with limited capabilities.