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Hooktheory is an ed-tech company that builds software and interactive learning materials that help people create music and become better musicians. Used by both amateur and professional musicians alike, Hooktheory's technology leverages data from tens of thousands of popular songs spanning all genres of music to support songwriting, improvisation, music production, and general understanding of music theory. See more detailed information on Hooktheory's products below.

Hooktheory Team

Chris Anderson

Chris is Hooktheory’s lead designer and is behind the look and feel of our products, our music notation, and the overall user experience. Chris is also a programmer and the lead architect of Hooktheory’s software and web services. Chris has a Ph.D from UC Berkeley in Engineering and is an avid musician and guitarist.

Dave Carlton

Dave wears many hats at Hooktheory. While he is heavily involved in the development of our Hookpad music software, he is also the main voice behind our books and some of our most popular blog posts. He greatly enjoys interacting with and helping people get the most out of our software and books and personally handles all of Hooktheory’s support emails. Dave has a Computer Science/Engineering PhD from Berkeley along with a music minor and loves applying technology to education and music.

Ryan Miyakawa

Ryan is Hooktheory’s resident music theory aficionado, and programs the brains behind Hookpad’s playback, music theory, and artificial intelligence engines. A classically trained pianist, Ryan loves deconstructing popular music to understand the elements of a great song. Ryan has a PhD in engineering from UC Berkeley and is delighted to combine his passions of science and music to help and inspire other musicians to create music.

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