How Logan Accesses Musical Inspiration with Hookpad

Logan Grimé in his home studio

Logan Grimé is a musician from Los Angeles, California. We recently sat down with him to learn more about his musical journey and how he’s used Hooktheory throughout his process.

Here are some of our favorite highlights from our conversation.

Logan Has Found a Way to Activate Creative Inspiration Quickly

Logan knows how important it is for songwriters and producers to tap into creative inspiration. When you’ve accessed it, you can get in a creative flow and can write great music with ease. Without it, you feel stuck and frustrated.

And when it comes to leading songwriting sessions with others, Logan emphasizes the importance of having a way to channel that inspiration before his collaborators arrive.

Logan shares that his process involves building melodies from great-sounding chord progressions in Hookpad. For those who are used to visualizing and manipulating MIDI, Hookpad’s interface is especially intuitive.

He browses through existing chord progressions from our database of over 30,000 songs and imports them into Hookpad to work off of. It’s a great way to experiment with new sounds that work well from the get-go.

For Logan, teaching others how to access this creative switch has become one of his greatest missions.

His Band Once Used Hooktheory for a Taco Bell Ad

Logan describes how he got the biggest break of his career when he landed a Taco Bell commercial and was set to record a cover song.

To prepare the song for his DAW, he added the chords and melodies in Hookpad, played around with the band feature, and exported the composition to MIDI. In just a few clicks, he had everything he needed to fine-tune the piece in his DAW — tempos, instruments, and all.

It’s the perfect use case of how Hooktheory helps in a pinch!

Logan’s Journey With Music Has Come Full Circle as He’s Become a Father

Logan’s father was a singer and songwriter. Since passing away, he has left behind libraries of recordings of unreleased music for Logan to discover.

Logan believes he is carrying his father’s musical gifts with him decades later. He describes how he can listen to his father’s recorded riffs and hear fully realized songs in his head. And he continues to explore the art of accessing creative inspiration by using these recordings.

To write a new song, Logan can pull up one of the recordings and start singing over it. He’s found a beautiful way to collaborate with his father and his memory.

As Logan has become a father as well, he describes how his journey with music has come full circle. With his daughter, he’s exploring new ways that he can teach and create music with her — just as he does with his father to this day.

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