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Valentyne (Intro) I thought this song didn't exist on HT, but I decided to submit its intro anyway because of its rare scale. Sounds like G# Harmonic but [ ... ]
21 hours ago on In Da Getto by J Balvin and Skrillex
Artman (Chorus) Slava Ukraini!
2 days ago on Stefania by Kalush Orchestra
Aliencool666 (Solo) Added lead voice and upper voice, also I think I missed some 7ths, didn't check midi
4 days ago on Koopa Kid Castle Clear - Super Mario World by Koji Kondo
Quentin136 (Solo 1) Guitar solo after the first chorus
4 days ago on Mr Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra
pharoahmoan (Intro and Verse) I'm terrible with the interface and was too lazy to plug in the vocal melody but I love this song and want everyone to enjoy as well. [ ... ]
4 days ago on Harmony by Elton John
Valentyne (Intro) I wanted to add this classic reggaeton because it's in Phrygian dominant mode.
5 days ago on Torre De Babel (feat Wisin Y Yandel) by David Bisbal
Quentin136 (Intro) the last chord is wild, I think it's a G# dominant 7th + A# triad, so I tried to get as many of the notes as I could
May 10 at 3:26 pm on Love Song by Yoo Seung-jun
Quentin136 (Instrumental) somehow this one isn't already here lol
May 9 at 10:29 pm on Last Resort by Papa Roach
Valentyne (Chorus) I don't know if this song is in D# minor or E minor becuse of the semi-flat. But I definitely don't think it's in Dorian mode ;)
May 9 at 6:04 am on Sunshine (feat Dan Harkna) by TIEKS
deoxy99 (Verse and Pre-Chorus) I'm genuinely surprised this song isn't on here already.
May 7 at 6:40 pm on She Looks So Perfect by 5 Seconds Of Summer
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