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HLR_64 [Chorus original] There's a couple notes in the melody that should be triplets, so I just put in the closest rhythm I could get without using triplets.
2 hours ago on POP-STARS by K-DA
HLR_64 [Pre-Chorus original] The Csus4 chord should have G in the bass, but Theory Tab doesn't let you invert sus chords.
2 hours ago on POP-STARS by K-DA
dance1211 [Chorus original] There is a brief moment near the end of each fourth bar where the inversions are meant to go am/C, am/D, am/E. If someone knows how to put [ ... ]
5 hours ago on So Deep by Silvertear
scoyoh [Chorus rev 1] The tonic key should be Bb major, which is the first chord, not cm, which is the last in the 4-bar sequence. Using the ii chord is a [ ... ]
Yesterday on Chariot by Beach House
LimeGreenTeknii Plus [Chorus rev 1] Redid the analysis with a different YouTube video, seeing that the first upload was non-functional.
Yesterday on Broken by lovelytheband
MarkVD100 [Intro and Verse rev 2] Thanks to one of my Discord friends Giftshaven for pointing out the correct notes for Measure 1-3 and 4-6.
Yesterday on Hexagon Force - from Geometry Dash by Waterflame
HLR_64 [Bridge original] This is actually the second pre-chorus.
2 days ago on Done With Love by Zedd
HLR_64 [Chorus Lead-Out original] This should be the second verse chord progression, but Theory Tab doesn't let you have a second verse, so I used Chorus Lead-Out instead [ ... ]
2 days ago on Done With Love by Zedd
HLR_64 [Outro original] This feels like it's rooted in D major, but I put it in B minor since the first half is in that key, and it never resolves to D because it [ ... ]
2 days ago on Overtime by Cash Cash
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