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jackscores01 (Verse and Pre-Chorus) Verse and Pre-Chorus.
3 hours ago on Illusion by Dua Lipa
Valentyne (Chorus) Finally I'm the first one to submit a new Dua song (I couldn't do it with her 2 previous singles). Please check out my other TheoryTabs [ ... ]
23 hours ago on Illusion by Dua Lipa
chicknz (Instrumental) No clue if the chords are correct; confident on melody.
Yesterday on Jeopardy - Think by Merv Griffin
Haapsalu (Intro) The major chord at the start is interesting given how the song is more based in minor
Yesterday on Fiesta Flamenco by Tim Haywood
Haapsalu (Chorus) Chords are a bit hard to place because of the moving melody
Yesterday on Roomerang - Decision 1 by Brian Chard
fallencrazy (Chorus) The bassline during this chorus got me to pick my bass up again, really rad. I'm not 100% certain I got the chords correct. I'm planning [ ... ]
2 days ago on Hold Me Up (Thank You) by Khruangbin
Valentyne (Verse) It was definitely worth the wait of almost 6 months for this so special edition. I can't get enough of listening to the 5 new tunes =D [ ... ]
4 days ago on obsessed by Olivia Rodrigo
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