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jackscores01 (Instrumental) Here is the bassline for Prisoner.
Yesterday on Prisoner ft Dua Lipa by Miley Cyrus
jackscores01 (Chorus) This song sucks tbh but I had to do the chorus.
2 days ago on We're Good by Dua Lipa
Anteprefix (Intro) ZUN's classic love for the VI-VII-i progression.
3 days ago on Love-colored Master Spark by ZUN
Shiruba (Verse) The second verse would probably to better to put as a video since there isnt any singing on the last two bars in the first verse, but i [ ... ]
3 days ago on To The Bone by JT Music
jackscores01 (Chorus) This song is so sad but hopeful
4 days ago on Detroit Become Human Opening Credits by David Cage
canslp (Chorus) this is not really the chorus but idk what to call it
4 days ago on Greenpath - Hollow Knight by Christopher Larkin
eez (Verse) not sure about the bass notes
6 days ago on The Dogs and the Horses by The Divine Comedy
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