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Quentin136 (Intro) I love She-Ra so much it's unreal
5 hours ago on Promise by Sunna Wehrmeijer
Valentyne (Chorus) This song is supposed to be in D# minor but it also works as F# Major because the only minor chord is dm (vi) but it has 3 major chords [ ... ]
6 hours ago on Sun goes down by Robin Schulz
abella (Pre-Chorus) Bringing new meaning to the term "British Invasion"
Yesterday on You'll Be Back by Lin-Manuel Miranda
CreepZoneTNT (Pre-Chorus) Re-added HertzDevil's "chorus" as pre-chorus.
2 days ago on YO-KAI Disco - Mamorukun Curse by Yousuke Yasui
Valentyne (Intro) One of my craziest contribs, but I love this song. Notes may not be exact, so any note or rhythm fixes are welcome.
3 days ago on Aura by Lady Gaga
vincent19 (Verse) victor
4 days ago on My song by ME
awesoeKARI (Pre-Chorus) I like the chord change keeping the parallel chord structure of the two halves. Originally, I transcribed it in D and F minor, but without [ ... ]
4 days ago on You Will Know Our Names - Finale by ACE
awesoeKARI (Verse) The flurry of guitar in measure 8 should get looked over asap, and I'm not so sure about the F chord in measure 15. With this, the Unique [ ... ]
5 days ago on You Will Know Our Names - Finale by ACE
HPL (Bridge) Feel free to change or simplify anything. This part is really all over the place musically
6 days ago on jealousy jealousy by Olivia Rodrigo
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