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emanresU102396 (Intro) First attempt at transcribing something on here. Did you know that the first Mario Party game shared a composer with Chrono Trigger?
11 hours ago on Mario's Rainbow Castle by Yasunori Mitsuda
babypelos (Intro and Verse) I followed the score for this tab. Alot of the melody is suggested in the harmony in the chords I chose. Much if the rhythm is hard to [ ... ]
2 days ago on Lilac by Tigran Hamasyan
tnorris (Instrumental) hooktheory's cmM7 chord doesn't sound like the one in the theme, and I don't think HT supports aug chords yet (which it also could be [ ... ]
3 days ago on Succession Main Title by Nicholas Britell
Leobregonplaza (Verse) Charly García is one of the best composers of my home country, Argentina. This website is very useful and interesing for analyzing music, [ ... ]
4 days ago on Nos Siguen Pegando Abajo by Charly Garcia
KaS (Verse) This was fun, but unsure of bar 4. iv in bar 5 may be an 7th chord, melody implies iv7, but I'm pretty sure I can pick out a maj7 buried [ ... ]
4 days ago on Yellow Streamer Battle - Origami King by Yoshito Sekigawa
MHzJr (Verse) I copied everything from the 'Chorus' section and added the second repetition. Since this is early in the song, I thought making it an [ ... ]
5 days ago on SUPER-REFLEX by Yousuke Yasui
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