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ethxn (Outro) tearjerker
22 hours ago on International by Sweet Trip
Novaneo (Chorus Lead-Out) I'm a bit iffy on that third chord. Can't really figure it out.
2 days ago on Killer In The Mirror (Acoustic) by Set It Off
Novaneo (Intro and Verse) This chord progression follows closely to the original, with some added chord extensions and different voicings.
2 days ago on Killer In The Mirror (Acoustic) by Set It Off
canslp (Outro) live play w/ youtube just ignores tempo changes ig so the sync is real bad
4 days ago on Peaceful Moon by Adam Routt
canslp (Intro) strings are trilling between two chromatic chords so the harmony is a little ambiguous but this feels right to me. also the tempo isn't [ ... ]
5 days ago on a short flight - a short hike by mark sparling
eez (Verse) We need slash chords ffs
5 days ago on Voices by Cheap Trick
eez (Chorus) The bm7 chord is kinda spicy
6 days ago on Could It Be Magic by Barry Manilow
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