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Vaz123 [Solo rev 11] Bruh the tonic is obviously E# and this has got Locrian tonality
2 hours ago on 4'33'' by John Cage
Vaz123 [Pre-Chorus original] Might've gotten some stuff wrong
5 hours ago on La De Da De Da De Da De Day Oh by bill wurtz
Vaz123 [Solo 1 rev 1] Why on earth were the ii° chords represented as vii°/III chords
6 hours ago on Making Christmas - The Nightmare Before Christmas by Danny Elfman
Vaz123 [Intro and Verse original] Might've gotten some stuff wrong (and maybe the artist as well)
6 hours ago on Skinner and the Superintendent by Danny Elfman
Vaz123 [Chorus Lead-Out rev 12] Bruh why the FRICK is it THIS theorytab that people decide to post their work on??? (I merged the rests and changed the melody like a good [ ... ]
8 hours ago on Good Life by One Republic
Vaz123 [Chorus rev 1] Changed the bVII (mix) chord to a IV/IV chord
9 hours ago on Wishful Thinking by Spongebob Squarepants
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