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JerichoScott (Intro) I got a little lazy with this one, but it needed to be done.
Yesterday on Two Trucks by Lemon Demon
Valentyne (Instrumental) How could this song not have been there a long time ago? Suddenly I became sad :'(
2 days ago on SOS ft Aloe Blacc by Avicii
ryanlorenzomusic5 (Verse) Frankly this melody rhythm doesn't capture the original at all, but I tried my best.
2 days ago on Northern Sky by Nick Drake
Poindexcellent (Verse) Chord qualities come in part from later verses, which have more instrumentation.
3 days ago on Damage I've Done by Anarbor
Poindexcellent (Chorus) Simplified the chords (well, the bass line) a bit compared to the original, but thought it would be best to preserve the actual chord [ ... ]
3 days ago on Damage I've Done by Anarbor
Valentyne (Pre-Outro) Very upset because not even this song is blowing up on the internet. The "reggaytoners" continue to rule after almost 7 years! >:( At [ ... ]
3 days ago on Can't Catch Me Now by Olivia Rodrigo
trli (Verse) I dont think i got the melody and chords right but i gave it my best shot
3 days ago on Libet's Delay by the caretaker
JerichoScott (Intro) Anyone is free to improve this.
3 days ago on I Am A God by Kanye West
sylrs (Intro) 90's anime songs hit different
4 days ago on We Are by Hiroshi Kitadani
Poindexcellent (Chorus) Tried to get the chord qualities all correct, but some of them are a bit tricky since they are just a bass note plus melody.
4 days ago on Moonlight Canyon - Kirby and the Forgotten Land by Nintendo
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