BeginnerSongs that have only I, IV, V, and vi chords.
Beginner II◯◯Songs that have only I, ii, iii, IV, V, and vi chords.
IntermediateSongs that have either a 7 chord (i.e., vi7), a vii° chord, or an inversion (i.e., V6 or iii64).
Intermediate II▢▢Songs that have an applied chord (i.e., V/vi) or an inverted 7th chord (i.e., vi42).
AdvancedSongs that have a borrowed chord (i.e., iv) or that have an applied chord and an inverted 7th chord.
Advanced II♢♢Songs with borrowed chords that also have an applied chord or an inverted 7th chord.

◯ Beginner

◯◯ Beginner II

▢ Intermediate

▢▢ Intermediate II

Say My Name
by Destiny's Child
Who Says
by John Mayer
That Name
by Yolanda Adams
If I knew
by Helloween
The Unforgiven 2
by Metallica
by Last Lynx
Don't Give Up - Nause Remix
by Kwan Hendry and SoulCream
For No One
by The Beatles
Schindler's List Theme
by John Williams
Still Crazy After All These Years
by Paul Simon
Humans and Youkai Coming and Going at the Canal
by ZUN
High Hopes
by Pink Floyd
New Super Mario Bros Wii - Castle
by Nintendo
Route 10 - Pokemon Black White
by Shota Kageyama
by Alestorm
by Above and Beyond
by Dom Fera
Wot's Uh the Deal
by Pink Floyd
Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence
by Ryuchi Sakamoto
Exhibit A
by Jay Electronica
Theme of Eastern Story
by ZUN
by Tenacious D
Time for L-Gaim
by MIO
Warioware DIY- Jimmy's Aerobics
by Nintendo
Castlevania Bloodlines - Iron-Blue Intention
by Michiru Yamane
Nie Musze Wracac ft JIMEK
by Pezet
I Belong To You
by Muse
Weekend - Tarro Remix
by Louis The Child and Icona Pop
by Beach House
Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg
by TLC
Shut Up Kiss Me
by Angel Olsen
Take My Breath Away
by Berlin
Navajo Joe - Main Title
by Ennio Morricone
by The Beatles
by Poppy
Thwomp Desert - Mario Kart Wii
by Nintendo
House of Chimes
by Failbetter
The Best Day Ever
by Spongebob Squarepants
Egg Gate
by Sega
by Nhato
The Next Episode
by Dr Dre
Dancin' In Circles
by Lady Gaga
Be Careful
by Cardi B
Fire Emblem Echoes - Twilight of the Gods
by Nintendo
So It Goes
by Taylor Swift
by Kacey Musgraves
Arthur's Theme
by 100 Orange Juice
by KSHMR Marnik Golden Army
Amazing Plan
by Kevin MacLeod

♢ Advanced

Drive By
by Train
Naruto Opening Bluebird
by Ikimono Gakari
Nothing From Nothing
by Billy Preston
by Archie feat Brenton Mattheus
Slim Chances
by Jack Wall
Don't Stop Me Now
by Queen
Bridge of Khazad-dum
by Howard Shore
The Painter
by O-Town
Cemetery of Onbashira - Grave of Being
by ZUN
Nacrene City
by Game Freak
Mighty Switch Force - Whoa I'm In Space Cuba
by Jake Kaufman
Mega Man V GB - Space Stage
by Kouji Murata
Fairy Dang-Sing - Gekka ni Yousei wa Mau
by Riko Hirai - Reina Kaihara
by My Heart
Akutagawa Ryuunosuke's Kappa - Candid Friend
by ZUN
All Cleaned Out
by Elliott Smith
A Fond Farewell
by Elliott Smith
Hiiragi Town School Days - Muv-Luv Extra OST
by Shinobu Kajihisa
Boss Mode
by Knife Party
Scale It Back feat Little Dragon
by DJ Shadow
Trap Queen
by Fetty Wap
Battlefield of Hanahazama
by ZUN
Mega Man 9 - Plug Man Stage
by Capcom
Tower of Mistakes
by Jeff Liu
Oh Sherrie
by Steve Perry
Your Best Nightmare
by Toby Fox
Ex's And Oh's
by Elle King
Splatfest Battle - Ink Me Up
by Toru Minegishi
Christopher Tyng
by Futurama Theme
Fall of Fall - Autumnal Waterfall
by ZUN
Touhou 3 - Eastern Mystical Love Consultation
by ZUN
Perfect Exceeder
by Mason vs Princess Superstar
Strike The Earth
by Jake Kaufman
How Deep Is Your Love
by Bee Gees
Still Hurting
by Anna Kendrick
by Spice Girls
Love Live S2 - Sore wa Bokutachi no Kiseki
by Mu's
Thank You For The Music
Love To Ride
by Ratboy Genius
Okami - Yami
by Capcom
Eye to Eye
by Tevin Campbell
by Britney Spears
Pokemon Black and White - Musical Hall
by Shota Kageyama
If I Fell
by The Beatles
by Toby Fox
by Boards of Canada
Telephone Line
by Eletric Light Orchestra
All Star - English Madrigal Version
by Smash Mouth
by Josh Woodward

♢♢ Advanced II

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Theme
by Chuck Lorre
by Lionel Richie
Mitch Benn's Imagine
by Mitch Benn
Blanka's Theme
by Nintendo
A Day in the Life
by The Beatles
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
by The Beatles
The Safety Dance
by Men Without Hats
Colour My World
by Chicago
Boundless Energy
by Soundprank
Kirby Air Ride - Frozen Hillside
by Nintendo
Hyde Park
by Carnaby Street Pop Orchestra And Choir
Piano Sonata No 8 ''Pathetique'' - 3rd Movement
by Ludwig Van Beethoven
The Poet and the Pendulum
by Nightwish
Piano Sonata No 8 ''Pathetique'' - 1st Movement
by Ludwig Van Beethoven
Little Electric
by The Good and the Damned
by Danny Baranowsky
Bionic Commando - Heat Wave
by Junko Tamiya
Dreamworks logo
by John Williams
Blue Owl
by Art Of Trance
Sleep Shake
by Thomas Giles
by Wolfgang Gartner and will i am
Livin For The City
by Stevie Wonder
by Supastition
Little Nemo Dream Master - Mushroom Forest
by Junko Tamiya
Everybody Knows
by Fono
Night at the Museum
by Alan Silvestri
Final Fantasy VI - Celes's Theme
by Nobuo Uematsu
by Hyadain-
Deranged and Desperate
by Saves The Day
An Earthling's Body
by Serani Poji
by Bruno Mars
Peter and The Wolf
by Sergei Prokofiev
by Two Steps From Hell
Old Man
by Love
Glory Box
by Portishead
by Yes
Red Light Special
by TLC
by Jay Barbeau
Henrietta Our Hero
by Kamasi Washington
Mazurka Op 63 No 3
by Frederic Chopin
Walk Away
by Kelly Clarkson
The Sun And The Rain
by Madness
Drifting Soul - Xenoblade Chronicles 2
by ACE
by Pachelbel
Wouldn't Leave
by Kanye West
by Pearl Jam
Anything I Can't Eat
by Cardiacs
Insane God of Primordial Chaos - Ethereal Paradise
by Wan Wan and Tokiko Tatsunagi
by King Crimson
Jaunty Gumption
by Kevin MacLeod