BeginnerSongs that have only I, IV, V, and vi chords.
Beginner II◯◯Songs that have only I, ii, iii, IV, V, and vi chords.
IntermediateSongs that have either a 7 chord (i.e., vi7), a vii° chord, or an inversion (i.e., V6 or iii64).
Intermediate II▢▢Songs that have an applied chord (i.e., V/vi) or an inverted 7th chord (i.e., vi42).
AdvancedSongs that have a borrowed chord (i.e., iv) or that have an applied chord and an inverted 7th chord.
Advanced II♢♢Songs with borrowed chords that also have an applied chord or an inverted 7th chord.

◯ Beginner

◯◯ Beginner II

▢ Intermediate

▢▢ Intermediate II

♢ Advanced

♢♢ Advanced II

Back to the Future Theme
Alan Silvestri
No One To Know One
Andy Akiho
True Love
Ariana Grande
Goodbye Song
Bear in the Big Blue House
Waking Light
How Deep Is Your Love
Bee Gees
I've Loved These Days
Billy Joel
Plastic Girl
All By Myself
Celine Dion
Cosmo's Midnight
The Song That Jane Likes
Dave Matthews Band
Mega Man Infamous Intent - Archer Training
Scale It Back feat Little Dragon
DJ Shadow
Love and Marriage
Frank Sinatra
Corpse Party - Shangri-La
Imai Asami
Half The Man
Jimi Hendrix
BWV 1080 Art of the Fugue - Contrapunctus I
Johann Sebastian Bach
St Patrick's Day
John Mayer
You're Gonna Live Forever in Me
John Mayer
Space Runaway Ideon - Tales of the Stars
Koichi Sugiyama
Old Man
Piano Sonata No 14 ''Moonlight'' 3rd Movement
Ludwig Van Beethoven
Artificial Intelligence Bomb
Synth Funk in E Major
Nathan Ford
The Thrill - Porter Robinson Remix
Final Fantasy V - Battle
Nobuo Uematsu
Fist of the North Star - Combat
Nozomi Aoki
It's Over Isn't It - Steven Universe
Rebecca Sugar
Extended Theme Song - Steven Universe
Rebecca Sugar
Love Is All
Roger Glover
Windy and Ripply
Spagonia - Day
Bog Je Srbin I On Ce Nas Cuvati
Serbian soldiers
Peter and The Wolf
Sergei Prokofiev
World 2
Super Mario 3D World
Mega Man 2 - Wood Man Stage
Takashi Tateishi
Super Robot Wars Alpha 3 - Union Is Strength
Takuya Hanaoka
Everything Is Awesome
Tegan and Sara
Good Vibrations
The Beach Boys
The Beatles
Hold Me Tight
The Beatles
The Time Warp
The Rocky Horror Show
Don't Let's Start
They Might Be Giants
The Moon
Yoshihiro Sakaguchi
Stardust Witch Meruru - Meteo Impact
Yukari Tamura
F-Zero - Mute City
Yumiko Kanki
A God That Loves People - Romantic Fall