BeginnerSongs that have only I, IV, V, and vi chords.
Beginner II◯◯Songs that have only I, ii, iii, IV, V, and vi chords.
IntermediateSongs that have either a 7 chord (i.e., vi7), a vii° chord, or an inversion (i.e., V6 or iii64).
Intermediate II▢▢Songs that have an applied chord (i.e., V/vi) or an inverted 7th chord (i.e., vi42).
AdvancedSongs that have a borrowed chord (i.e., iv) or that have an applied chord and an inverted 7th chord.
Advanced II♢♢Songs with borrowed chords that also have an applied chord or an inverted 7th chord.

◯ Beginner

◯◯ Beginner II

▢ Intermediate

▢▢ Intermediate II

Love You Like A Love Song
by Selena Gomez
by Ben Folds Five
Hey Porter
by Johnny Cash
Don't Want You Back
by Backstreet Boys
Afro Blue
by Mongo Santamaria
Hold On We're Going Home
by Drake
Lonesome Stranger
by Gamma ray
Lake of tears
by Gamma ray
Dancing In The Moonlight
by King Harvest
by Galantis
Black feat Norah Jones
by Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi
Shop Vac
by Jonathan Coulton
by ipi
I Can Go The Distance
by Disney - Hercules
Stolen Dance
by Milky Chance
Serotin feat Matthew Koma
by Audien
Calling You - Vadim Spark Remix
by Ellie Lawson
Hot N-gga
by Bobby Shmurda
Umar al-Farooq
by Mishary Rashid Alafasy
Step Out
by Jose Gonzales
You Belong To Me - PROFF Remix
by Bobina and Betsie Larkin
Don't Get Deleted
by Awreeoh
Heavy Cross
by Gossip
Fire Pils Og En Pizza
by Aage Aleksandersen
Afraid of Heights
by Wavves
The City Is Mine
by Garmiani and Salvatore Ganacci
Flames Of Love
by Fancy
Alone - Mind One's Edged Beat Mix
by Kay Stone
Old Yuanxian
by ZUN
Streaming Heart
by DECO 27
Tokyo By Night Axwell Remix
by Hook n Sling
by Britney Spears
Where is Love Now
by Nickel Creek
Si Bheag Si Mhor
by Planxty
Star Wars Rogue One Trailer 2
by John Williams
Presente de um Beija-Flor
by Natiruts
by Kenzo Saeki
by Akagami feat COCOROBO
by KSHMR and No Mondays
by Air
Sky Road - Zone 1
by Sega
Teardrops On My Guitar
by Taylor Swift
City of Wizards - LINE Cookie Run
by Devsisters
by Stone Sour
by Stellar
Wild Time
by Weyes Blood
Into The Unknown
by The Blasting Company
Mysterious Force
by Phineas and Ferb
Cupid's Revenge
by Kevin MacLeod

♢ Advanced

Ziggy Stardust
by David Bowie
A Whole New World
by Disney
Colour My World
by Chicago
Thomas The Tank Engine Theme
by Mike O'Donnell
Theme Of Prontera
by SoundTeMP
by Hyadain--Sasaki Sayaka
Cemetery of Onbashira - Grave of Being
by ZUN
Red Barchetta
by Rush
by Keith Jarrett
I've Got You Under My Skin
by Frank Sinatra
Super Robot Wars Z - 25th Crisis
by Takuya Hanaoka
by Bent Van Looy
by Girl's Day
Canon 1 a 2
by Johann Sebastian Bach
All By Myself
by Celine Dion
by AFTA-1
Aumetra The Witch
by cYsmix
by Riccardo Cocciante
Crash bandicoot warped medieval leveled
by josh mancell
by aylictal
Done With Love
by Zedd
Huilend Naar De Club
by De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig
Mr Meow
by Bali Bandits
Town of Salem - Godfather and his Little Friend
by Blank Media Games
Soraru Enoshima - Danganronpa
by Masafumi Takada
Ready To Run
by Dixie Chicks
Children's Festival - for Wedding
by Uni Akiyama
Friend Like Me - Aladdin
by Disney
Woodlands - The Legend of Zelda Tri Force Heroes
by Nintendo
Maple Leaf Rag
by Scott Joplin
by Scott Joplin
Jurassic Park - Main Theme
by John Williams
Don't Say No
Junction Seven
by Muzzy
Staff Roll - Super Mario 64
by Koji Kondo
Fawkes the Phoenix
by John Williams - Harry Potter
by Mean Girls
Voices Carry
by 'Til Tuesday
The Kalos Power Plant - Pokemon X and Y
by Shota Kageyama
Kommer ifran
by Snook
by Cardiacs
Waltz to the Death
by Danny Elfman
Golden Days
by Panic at the Disco
Creepin Ain't Easy
by TryHardNinja
Anakin's Theme
by John Williams
Fire On High
by Electric Light Orchestra
Dream Inside A Dream
by Siinamota
Best Part
by Daniel Caesar
Love Live - Snow halation
by Mu's
Lover You Should've Come Home
by Jeff Buckley

♢♢ Advanced II

Bohemian Rhapsody
by Queen
by My Chemical Romance
by Britney Spears
Here There And Everywhere
by The Beatles
Angry Birds Theme
by Ari Pulkkinen
Main Theme
by Mario Kart 64
Blueshift Galaxy
by HertzDevil
KURENAI - Night Wizard OP
by Ui Miyazaki
Zombie Panic
by Joe McDermott
Super Robot Wars - The Witch Dances Seductively
by Takuya Hanaoka
Auto-Tune the News 6
by The Gregory Brothers
by Alice Cooper
Zak and Sara
by Ben Folds
by Aquarian Dream
Go KK Rider
by Kazumi Totaka
The Sons of Katie Elder Theme
by Elmer Bernstein
Sun Town
by Nathan Ford
Wait For The Moment
by Vulfpeck
Alright with Me
by Wretch 32
Kefka's Theme
by Nobuo Uematsu
When She's Near
by Fiction Family
Symphony for Organ No 5 - Toccata
by Charles-Marie Widor
by Hyadain
by omoshiroebi
Wii Sports Theme
by Nintendo
Super Mario Bros 2 Overworld
by Koji Kondo
Fortune Ravine
by Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
Pixel Empire
by Madeon
Sad Machine Cosmo's Midnight Remix
by Porter Robinson
Super Mario Odyssey Trailer
by Nintendo
Hocus Pocus
by Focus
by Tame Impala
Nobody Does It Better
by Carly Simon
by Bread
by David Bowie
Opening Movie - Pokemon Crystal Version
by Junichi Masuda
Love Live Sunshine S2 - WONDERFUL STORIES
by Aqours
by Au5
My Time At Portia - Spring
by Claude Ruelle
Battle II - Octopath Traveler
by Yasunori Nishiki
What's This Life For
by Creed
Darwin Derby
by Vulfpeck
Yada Yada
by Anderson Paak
Chasing Daybreak
by Takeru Kanazaki (Fire Emblem Three Houses)
Dracula Bells
by Have a Nice Life
California Lullabye
by Josh Woodward
Solaceon Town Day - Pokemon Diamond and Pearl
by Go Ichinose
Cantina Band
by John Williams
Battle Castle - Pokemon Platinum
by Hitomi Sato
Only For You
by NieN